These three pillars not only thrive on one another but also, as a whole, are the building blocks to achieving the overlying goal of holistic health. The Remorca Fitness philosophy is simple: when it comes to your personal health, be proactive, not reactive.

At RF, we take the time to understand your world and your lifestyle in order to build a solid relationship that supports holistic wellness. There are manageable ways to live the best you, whether you're managing a medical condition or simply interested in bettering your habits. Let us help you get there.

Read on to learn about the specialized nutrition programs we offer. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Rob Monahan, our nutrition specialist, at to receive nutrition guidance that fits your lifestyle.


The Balanced Body Program

Achieving balance through nutrition means that you must bring a variety of opposing forces into harmony. This is one of the founding ideologies here at Remorca Fitness. This program focuses on finding balance and harmony between and among your hormones, metabolism, pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory forces, acid-alkaline factors, and energy intake and expenditure.

Bride-to-Be Program

Looking and feeling our best is something that we all strive for on a daily basis. Though on the day where all eyes are on you, feeling your best is more important than ever. The discipline to succeed coupled with the right information and food choices will help you get there—and stay there!

Pre- and Post-Pregnancy Program

Nutritional needs drastically change as the journey to creating new life begins, and this program is designed to help you along every step of the way. From natural fertility support, conception through birth, and postpartum needs for both mother and baby, we'll be there for you.

Peak Performance Program

Sports nutrition is a catalyst that can enable any athlete to reach their performance goals. We can create the optimal biochemical environment in your body that will support peak performance. Don't let your hard work go to waste…work with us.

Rescue Program

This program is for anyone who is looking for a second chance at health. Chronic and acute illnesses can decrease a person's quality of life and lead to a feeling of helplessness. No matter what ails you, we will provide you with the foremost cutting-edge research and solutions that will complement your current care regimen. Together, we can make it better.

The Quick Start Program

For the person who simply doesn't have the time, is always on the go, and who rarely reads directions, this is a no-nonsense approach to getting healthy and/or losing weight. You keep to your schedule, and we'll work around it.

**All programs are offered as 3-, 6-, 9-, or 12-month programs. Individual sessions are also available.