Work-Life Balance Tips, The Importance of Flexibility And 12 Foam Rolling Exercises

@livestrong -How to Balance Working Out and Life

"Dad, can you skip the gym today and spend time with us instead?"

"If you're in a similar situation -- constantly going at full speed while trying to be productive at work, spend quality time with your family and make progress in the gym -- you're probably beginning to feel that something has to give. And you're right. Often, it's just not possible to accomplish everything every day.

But experience -- and science -- has taught me something else: Contrary to what you might have heard, you don't need to spend hours in the gym every day to get results. By modifying the way you work out and manage your time, you can achieve more than you thought you could...."

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@newyorktime - The Next New Fad: Stretching exercises

"Nazare Rodrigues is 41 in human years. But as she learned recently at Power Stretch Studios when she sat on the floor, extended her legs and tried valiantly to touch her fingertips to her toes, she is a lot older — 56 — in stretch years.

“I feel very stiff, you know?” said Ms. Rodrigues, a legal assistant who signed up for a 45-minute session after seeing the company’s sign in a second-floor window in Midtown Manhattan. “I feel problems bending down and picking things up..."

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Turn up your at-home workouts with these 12 exercises you can do with a foam roller

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