Tough Love

As a trainer, I’ve had over 6 years experience in seeing what works and what does not when it comes to my clients & exercise. I see the following 5 mistakes all too often. If you are going to put the time & the sweat into it, you may as well do it right.

You Just Go For a Run

Stop just going for a run. Steady pace running feels like you are burning a lot of calories, it’s a good sweat, and usually the duration in which you run makes you feel pretty accomplished. I get it. But only do steady pace running when you need to recovery or to maintain endurance. This is a once every week kind of workout. This works the same like cardio HIIT classes, It’s great, but there’s really no threshold pace being held or weight/strength-training involved, and so the problem is that you are operating at a consistent heart rate and you are only burning calories during the class. The minute you stop moving, you stop burning. Your body isn’t under any real stress (heart rate variation) and so you plateau. More intense (speed work, tempo running, weight training sessions) require more from your muscles. So the EPOC (Excess Post Calorie Burn) is much great. When you train like this, your muscle fibers actually break down, and in order for your body to repair those fibers, it uses calories for the restoration process.

Stop just going for a run 🙂

You Don’t Strength Train With The Right Weights

Women are scared they are going to bulk up if they lift heavy. And because of this, we have grown to glorify the small weights and high reps, because…. we think, we are the ladies. Well, the ladies can lift heavy too. And they should.

It’s time to put their fear and uncertainty aside! You are going to have more effective fat loss if you lift heavier, and do bigger, fundamental lifting. When you lift below 10lbs with weights, you are only training for muscular endurance. This doesn’t make you lean or toned. The more lean muscle you gain by lifting heavy, the more calories you are going to burn throughout the day. Also, the heavier you lift, and harder you go, the better you sleep. And the better you sleep, the less you are going to crave sugar and salt. Really, the only way you are going to bulk up is if you eat more calories than you expend each day. And if you know you are going to eat about 100 more calories per day, add a 10 minute run at the end of a session.

You Justify Eating by Working Out. 

NO! STOP! We are not our pets. We do not reward ourselves with a treat. And the main problem I see with this is in order to make working out a lifestyle and a consistency, the rewards from it have to be far more gratifying than food. The benefits have to resonate with you mentally. Look at working out as your time to be at one with yourself; it’s moving meditation. Working out should be about competing with yourself, about setting new goals, and riding off the endorphins.  Once you allow the mental benefits to be more rewarding than the food, you’re going to be unstoppable. It’s all about a mindset.


You Do Targeted Exercises to Attempt to Lose Weight in a Specific Place

 If you want better abs, doing 100,000 sit ups isn’t going to do it. Seriously.

Your body is genetically predisposed to lose weight in a certain order. Which is why people get frustrated and stop before their body is fully able to reap the benefits of a workout regiment. Start strength training with big compound movements that recruit more muscles. Big fundamental movements like deadlifts, require full hip extension, so the main power source of the movement is core. The more you can incorporate hip extension, and total body movement, the more you are going to incorporate core work. It also matter how you superset things. Big movement should also be complimented with accessory work (range of motion and body weight training) in order to strengthen all your muscles.

You Cut Out Entire Food Groups

The more colors, the better. And I get that no one is just dying for a salad, but start looking at your food as fuel. Again, this is all mental. It’s about taming how you think of food, and finding more enjoyment and satisfaction in being healthy than you find in a bag of M&M’s.

Easier said than done, I know. Eating junk food is a temporary high, one in which is immediately gratifying, yet long-term, it’s unfulfilling and leaves you a nice little present called excess fat. The gift that keeps on giving. Eating healthier, real food is going to keep you fuller longer.

When you eat bad, you feel bad. And from what i’ve seen, if you’ve made a habit of this, you tend to eat unhealthy again BECAUSE you feel bad. For intense, have you ever been stressed out and so all of a sudden you reach for the bad stuff. Hormones are directly correlated with how you eat, so make sure you are mindful of how you handle stress. Don’t use food to cope.