Even just 10 minutes per day of high intensity exercise can make a difference in your metabolism and overall health. Here are 3 AMRAPs that you can do on your own to get in you daily workout: 

1. 10 Minutes (As Many Rounds As Possible) 

10 push ups, 10 20-meter shuttle runs (suicides), 22 walking lunges and 6 burpees 

2. 20 minutes (As Many Rounds As Possible) WITH Dumbbells (15-20lbs)

10 Thrusters, 20 back lunges, 10 burpees with dumbbells, and 400 meter run 

3. 15 minute AMRAP 

6 single leg bear crawls to a push up (3 each leg), 20 hollow rocks, 10 pull ups, and a 200 meter row on ski erg or erg.