Bodyweight Quick HIITS

Don’t have a whole lot of time to workout? Or maybe you don’t have access to weights because you are traveling? That doesn’t mean that you can’t get your heart rate up and get a quick calorie crusher in! #NOEXCUSES Here are some Quick HITTERS: 

AMRAP= As Many Rounds as Possible (You do as many rounds of the given circuit as you possibly can in the time given. This is a great way to train your metabolic threshold and spike your metabolism. 

EMOM= Every Minute on the Minute - you do an exercise every minute on the minute and when you are done, the time remaining is your rest time until you go onto the next minute

15 minute AMRAP: 

15 butterfly sit ups, 20 squat walks (get into an air squat and walk to the side 10 steps and back 10 steps holding the squat position at the same level the whole time), 12 curtsey lunges, 12 pulse lunges each leg (get into lunge stance and pulse up and down- back leg comes straight and front leg stays a bit bent- both feet stay in place 

12 minute EMOM:

Min 1: 20 second split lunges each side (jump into lunge stance then back to the center) 

Min 2: 40 second side A skips 

Min 3: 25 second air squats & 5 burpees

20 minute AMRAP: 

400 meter run, 20 walking lunges, and 10 push ups

21 minute AB EMOM: 

Min 1: 20 second flutter kicks/20 second crunches with feet up 

Min 2: 45 second plank 

Min 3: 10 hollow rocks and 6 butterfly sit ups

25 minute AMRAP: 

10 bear crawls to a push up, 1 minute run, 20 alternating back lunges, and 12 jump squats 

30 minute EMOM: 

Min 1:  30 shoulder taps - in plank position on palms of hands and bring one hand up to opposite shoulder (alternate sides for 30 reps) 

Min 2: 10 high knee reps and 2 burpees (repeat X3) 

Min 3: 25 air squats 

Min 4: 20 alternating back lunges 

Min 5: 15 push ups

12 AMRAP: 

60 second plank, 45 second flutter kicks, and 50 crunches

30 minute AMRAP: 

400 meter run, 12 push ups, 20 shoulder taps, and 7 burpees