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Summer is wrapping up, come back to the City FAM! RF has been busy this summer making adding some new equipment, adding new trainers and new BABIES! Congrats Dennis and Annie on Lucas. Gus's forever best friend <3. 


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Cardio Before or After Weights?

When your workouts have purpose, you get results and to form a habit, and ultimately create a lifestyle, you need results, mental and physical.

I’ve had several people ask me how to program their weeks in terms of cardio and weights. What the right balance? What comes first when I do them together? The weights or the cardio?

I think most people ask themselves this question. I’ve been a trainer for over 6 years and I still ask myself what I can do to make the balance between cardio and weights even more effective.

It’s difficult to know what to do and when. And the truth is, cross training is different for everyone.


Cardio and then strength train? Or Strength train and then cardio? 

To lose weight, it’s more effective to do weights and then cardio. You have to burn through all of your glycogen storages using your anaerobic system (when you lift) so you can burn fat using your aerobic system (when your run). Glycogen, which comes from carbohydrates, is your body’s preferred source of fuel for exercise. Once this is depleted from weight lifting, your body goes on to burn the fat.

How to do them both.

I find it’s really effective to have at least 3 workouts a week that you combine weight training and cardio. These are best set up by strength training for 20-30 minutes, body weight exercises and heavy, explosive movements, and then doing either an aerobic run or intervals after. Which run you do is contingent upon what your running schedule is the rest of the week.


Why runners should strength train. 

3 reasons: Injury prevention, to increase overall running economy, and to boost performance. Strength training also improves fatigue resistance, which will make you a more efficient and faster runner.

Meghan's Tips:

Program 2 pure aerobic days, 3 cross training days, and one anaerobic day. English–> Run or spin twice a week for 45-60 min, 3 days cross training 30-40 minutes of lifting and then a run, and have one day where you just strength train.

Start thinking about your running in terms of minutes, not miles. Operating at an intense capacity for a 21 minute interval workout will always burn more calories than a 60 minute run because the post exercise burn is a lot greater.

Every day is leg day because those are big muscles. And the bigger the muscle, the more calories burned.

Rest when you are sore. That’s the only time you can say screw the program  LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!

By: Meghan Takacs (@meg_takacs)


5 Healthy Holiday Helpings

Cocktail Finger Food:

Gluten Free, Crustless Mini Chiche

This muffin-tin recipe for mini healthy quiches is quick and a good trick for portion control. These mini muffin-tin crustless quiches are gluten-free and use turkey sausage instead of pork for less saturated fat. This easy quiche recipe is a healthy breakfast idea or appetizer.

Low Carb/High Fiber Appetizer: 

Balsamic and Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower
These roasted florets are cut into thick slices and tossed with extra virgin olive oil and herbs. It's the perfect finger food for an appetizer or cocktail party. 

Vegetarian Dinner Entree Option:

Slow-Cooked Vegetarian Lasagna

For this dish, think bone health, healthy immunity and high calcium. For this recipe all you have to do is chop up the veggies and layer them raw into the crockpot.

Warm Stew Idea

Rich Chicken Stew

"This concept has been adapted to the slow cooker to make a lightened-up version using chicken thighs. Just a little whipping cream (which is less inclined to break down than lighter creams and gives more density to the sauce) adds richness. This is delightful over egg noodles." - Eating Well

Meat Lovers

Turkey Piccata

This is a gluten free and dairy free recipe that is perfect to serve on a cold winter night. It's cooked in a lemon butter sauce with warm crisp baby potatoes on the side.