What is the Best Time of Day to Run?

By Meg: 

Can't figure out when the best time to run is? Try all three of these times to understand why each could be beneficial, and figure out which one is best for you. Having a good run makes you run again.  

In the Morning: Body temperature is at its lowest. Some people take well to this, and are able to perform more efficiently and more comfortably in the early hours of the morning. Some people also say they perform better in the morning because they have a "clear head. " In my opinion, I would rather wake my body up (see above) and back it with the science. Early morning runs are actually the worst for your body from a scientific standpoint because your bodily functions are not awake, so you'll spend half the run doing that. 

Mid-morning/afternoon: My absolute favorite time to run! Your physical functions have woken up and you've only had to deal with the good kind of stress in the morning: that morning productivity high.  In the morning we all work well. We're riding the wake up high, and loving life. I ride off the momentum of accomplishing things in the morning on my runs. So mid-day is best for me physically and mentally. Also, your lung performance and body temperature are both at an optimal level of efficiency. If you have a good high-protein breakfast, your body will also have had time to get it's energy levels up. There are virtually no negatives associated with running in the afternoon. 

In the Evening/Night: A lot of runners run better in the evening because of the psychology behind it. Think about it; in the morning, we're all feeling like "wow, this is awful."  So, in my opinion it can be better to run later in the day, because you have had time to gather yourself, and perhaps even discover a reason to run. It's better to wake up your body and brain, after you wake up, to give yourself a mental and physical warmup. 

You also run better during the latter part of the day, because you have already had hours of fluctuation in the performance of your body's functions. By fluctuation in body functions, I mean the rhythmic patterns of brain sending signals to your body to do things like eat, walk and think. Now, since your body has had hours of carrying these functions out, you are more geared up and primed to run. In other works, you are ready to neurologically and physically operate more efficiently.  


Remorca Fitness HIIT Training Class


Get a small victory in before noon and your day will shape up to be quite a success.

I run this class for 60-minutes every Saturday at 8:30 am; 60-minutes full of metabolic conditioning, body-weight strength training, and dynamic stretching.

Why Metabolic HIIT Training Works:

Metabolic resistance training maximizes your body’s capacity for change. My class is a mixture of cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning. By simultaneously training these two pathways, anaerobic (muscular) and aerobic (oxidative),  I am aiming to torch your fat, and get you lean and powerful. This type of workout is great in terms of immediate calorie burn, but also has a high EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). Since the 60 minutes is intense and includes high-rep strength training, your muscle fibers do a pretty good deal of breaking down during the workout. This is where EPOC comes in. As soon as you are done working out, your body immediately starts to repair the muscles so it can rebuild leaner and stronger muscles. Your body uses calories to do this. Therefore, the more destruction done to the muscles, the more calories burned post-workout, for the repair process.

I also like this type of workout because it forms a supportive community for women who are looking to maximize their potential. This is a safe haven to sweat out all the stress, be intense and unapologetic!

More About The Class:

This class is made to accommodate all levels of fitness. The movements are scalable and there are progressions used so that members can create a solid foundation of form and technique before they progress to some of the more advanced movements.

A Little Bit About the Class and Me:

Hi, I’m Meghan and I am a personal trainer and running coach here in NYC. I have been in NYC since the end of 2015, and couldn’t ask for a better place to spread my love for health and fitness. For me, the ever evolving fitness industry here in New York constantly promotes creativity and innovation when it comes to promoting my own personal core values in fitness.

I started a Metabolic Conditioning class called Zone, in Atlanta in 2012 and saw a ton of success in the women who participated in the class. Not only did they see results with their bodies, but we formed a sort of bond over those classes! Everyone was supportive of one another and I saw that this helped keep people accountable and motivated. My goal is to start a similar class that has the same impact on NYC participants. The classes will be held at Remorca Fitness (171 E 74th St.) on Saturdays at 10 AM.

Any further questions email me at: meghan@remorcafitness.com