Best Fit Guru's, APPS, and Sites to Keep Up With on The Internet

Born Fitness: This is a website to help identify the best diets, types of exercises and workouts, and various strategies that you can apply to your life to be more fit, feel better, and live stronger. Huffington Post calls it, "Born Fitness is one of the most inspiring sources in all of health and fitness."

 The Paleo Solution: For all things nutrition, autoimmunity and sleep health, check out Robb Wolf's Blog. For those of you who like cardio, this is a great (free) site to sign up for. Not only do you get discounts and alerts on races in your area, (biking, running, walking, and swimming), but you also get awesome newsletters that contain all the highlights from their blog. 

Calm: An app for beginner meditation and mindfulness. This app is going to make your life easier. It's important to approach health and fitness from a holistic approach. This app focuses on reducing anxiety, helping you sleep better, and making you life less stressful. 


Workout Motivation Could Come From Just a Few Small Adjustments

If you can't find the motivation to workout, or if you go through periods of loving it, and then periods of being totally unmotivated, your answer could lie in just a few small adjustments. Here are some unconventional ways to motivate yourself again. 

Music Matters: Music really is a motivator. You don't think that when you aren't listening to it, but if you're at work and debating on working out, put on a motivational or meaningful song and force yourself to listen to it and let your mind wander to (hopefully) ambitious thoughts. 

Buy new workout clothes. Materialistic? Maybe. But, it might work for you. Whenever I get a new pair of shoes, I always get really excited to run. Buying new technology could also help you get back in the swing. Subconsciously, I think it holds you accountable. And it makes you guilty if you don't use it. 

Fill your social media feeds with workout motivation. Visuals specifically. Seeing and hearing motivation can wake up your senses and in turn, fire up your motivation. Most of us are on these mediums all day, so why not do ourselves a favor and try it? 

Signing up for a race or a goal. Pay money. No one enjoys wasting money, and then you feel twice as guilty about not working out when you waste it on NOT WORKING OUT. Sign up for an event, or even just a class. Hold yourself accountable.