Luxury Home Gym Design

Creating the right atmosphere in your home gym or your building's gym is critical in order to  maximize the efficiency of your workout and to help you reach a cathartic state to allow for adequate stress release.  Somewhere along the way, the bottom line became the focus of most fitness facilities and overcrowded, poorly designed gyms became the norm.   Art and design should never be compromised in creating a fitness facility. When these elements are blended with functionality, the perfect setting for achieving goals is created. 

Remorca Fitness is a luxury-based customer-oriented fitness company that provides personal training and also helps design high-end fitness facilities.  Whether it is laying down the first brick of your dream gym, or redesigning your current facility, we provide an unparalleled level of customization and design.  

Most fitness facilities are designed by interior designers who are experts in their fields but who do not have the functional experience to properly design a space and lay out equipment. Dennis Remorca takes the practical experience of being one of Manhattan's top trainers and combines it with his design/art background to create some of the most beautiful customized facilities in the world. 

Recently, ELLE DECOR recognized Dennis for his amazing talent for gym design by featuring him in an article discussing elements of a perfect home gym:

Dennis's personal studio on the upper east side in NYC was also named one of the worlds best installations of 2012 by Nerio Alessandri, President and Founder of Technogym. 


Remorca Fitness specializes in designing residential/commercial gym or fitness facilities that are built to the specification and needs of the clientele. With the ability to service clients both locally and abroad, there is no job which is out of scope. We partner with fitness companies that can customize and create equipment specifically for you if needed.  Dennis will also personally broker deals with manufacturers and retailers to help you stay within budget. 


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