The time is here to get in fantastic shape for summer. Utilizing our new InBody body composition analyzer, we have created a 6 week body fat loss challenge that will help you start your summer off right! Through guided nutrition, customized workouts and re-testing, participants will compete to see who loses the most body fat over the 6 week period! There will be 3 winners from the 3 measured body fat categories which are Athlete, Average and Above Average.

The prize is....

  • 5 Personal Training Sessions

  • Remorca Fitness jacket, shirt and pants!

  • Bragging rights for a year!

Entry Cost is $99.00.. 

  • Participants must have their initial InBody Assessment taken between April 1st- April 12th.

  • Participants must train twice a week

With your entry fee you will receive..

  • 3 InBody body-fat assessments (initial, midway, and final assessment)

  • Precision Nutrition - Calorie Control Guidelines

  • Template on what to eat for your specific body type

  • Participants get 20% off our 10 Pack purchased during the competition

  • Guided workout template for things to do on your own