We do allow independent trainers to rent space at both of our facilities but we hold specific standards in regards to behavior, professionalism and training. With that said, the selection process of independent trainers allowed to train at our facilities is in depth and requires an interview to make sure the standards are upheld.

We offer premier service in unrivaled facilities. All of our spaces are artistically designed without compromising a trainers functionality. They both have diffused and Indirect lighting.


    • Woodway Treadmills

    • Jacob's Ladder

    • Eleiko Olympic Weightlifting Plates

    • Dumbbells 2.5lb - 100lb

    • Technogym Kinesis Heritage Functional Trainers

    • Cybex Bravo Functional Trainers

    • Concept 2 Rowers and Ski Ergs

    • Water Rowers

    • Versaclimber SM Sport

    • Rogue Power Racks

    • Clubbells & Macebells

    • RKC Kettlebells

    • Every functional training device worth mentioning

    • Dynamax Balls


    • Suspended dance floor made of bamboo for orthopedic benefits as well as hygienic

    • Open space for both small group fitness classes and dance classes of all kinds

    • 4 Ski Ergs


Please feel free to contact us for more information about renting space at one of our facilities.