Recovery Sessions

One of the most overlooked components of our overall health is posture. The ramifications of inflexibility on the body can be debilitating. By increasing your range of motion and flexibility, you can help to re-center and to balance out your body.

We are offering 30-minute power stretch sessions. The sessions include the following elements:

  • Facilitated stretching; Facilitated stretching incorporates active movements (require some strength) and isometric effort in order to improve overall range of motion/flexibility and to enhance motor learning in the process.

  • Improve posture

  • Reduce the risk of torn or strained muscles

  • Calm the mind and relieve tension

  • Create better alignment

In conjunction with training, one 30-minute stretch session per week will aim to improve your overall quality of life and fitness economy.

In addition to stretching, we also offer our Hyperice technology to each session, which is a line of recovery tools that improves performance by accelerating recovery time, prevent injury, and enhance the body’s ability to move more efficiently. Soft-tissue treatment is an important part of the recovery process that is often overlooked. It’s an essential part of injury prevention, especially for those injuries that arise from overuse and overload. We utilize the full line of Hyperice technology to help our clients mantain peak performance, and optimal soft-tissue health. One of the treatment tools we use is the Raptor. The Raptor is a state-of-the-art massage system designed to be used after sports and fitness activities or on recovery days. It is designed to promote muscle relaxation, to keep muscles supple and to promote well being. Its rapid mechanical percussions penetrate several layers of muscle with up to 3600 percussions per minute.

Contact us at info@remorcafitness to schedule your first recovery session today.